Mrs Sinton: Principal; Special Educational Needs; Pastoral Care
Mr Wenlock: Vice Principal; Assessment Leader; ICT Leader; Teacher in Charge of Shared Education; Key Stage 2 Leader; PE Coordinator; 
P5 Teacher
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Staff Mr Wenlock Pupil Copy.jpg
Mrs Gillespie: Senior Leadership Team; Designated Teacher for Child Protection; Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Leader; P1 Teacher
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Mrs Gillespie drawing.jpg
Miss Heaney: Senior Leadership Team; Literacy Leader; P6 Teacher
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Mrs McKee: Senior Leadership Team; Numeracy Leader; Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection; P7 Teacher
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Mrs Elliot: Nursery Teacher
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Staff Mrs Elliott Pupil.JPG
Mrs McCallan: P1 Teacher
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Mrs Jinariu: P2 Teacher
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Staff Miss Smyth Pupil Copy.jpg
Mrs Poots: P3 Teacher; Teacher in Charge of The World Around Us
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Staff Mrs Poots Pupil.JPG
Mrs Wilson: P3 Teacher
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Mrs Brownlee: P4 Teacher
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Mrs Dickinson: P4 Teacher
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Staff Mrs Dickinson Pupil Copy.jpg
Miss Mullan: P4 Teacher
Miss O'Neill: P5 Teacher
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Mrs Penney: P5/6 Teacher
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Mrs Miskimmin: Classroom Assistant
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Staff Mrs Miskimmon Pupil.JPG
Mrs Millar: Classroom Assistant
Staff Mrs Millar.JPG
Mrs McIlroy: Classroom Assistant
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Staff Mrs McIlroy Pupil.JPG
Mrs Browne: Classroom Assistant
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Mrs Browne drawing.jpg
Miss Davies: Classroom Assistant
Mrs Clarke: Classroom Assistant
Mrs Trimble: School secretary
Mrs McCudden: School secretary
Mrs Hutton: Lunch Time Supervisor and Afterschool club assistant
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Mr Jones: Building Supervisor
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Mrs Watson: Kitchen Staff
Staff Mrs Watson.JPG
Miss Watson: Kitchen Staff
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